Month: August 2023


Hosting (again) | 8/30/2023

So I've pulled the trigger and everything is live on GoDaddy. The webhost is working well, nice and responsive, I did a pilot site for about a month and had good uptime with that. GoDaddy has one very convenient feature: the recovery console. Every so ofte[.....]

Hosting Fun - the drama continues | 8/22/2023

Recap: August 10, I get an email saying the legacy hosting platform was ending at the end of September. I replied immediately per the request. I got a preliminary "we can make the ports work" reply about my concerns about mail on AWS - but no actual quote.[.....]

A word on server config | 8/21/2023

First of all, I am a developer not a security expert. I do have some experience and expertise in setting up a windows server that does what I need it to do. I figured I could set out some of what I am up to whilst I am knee deep in migrations. Take the inf[.....]

More Hosting Fun | 8/14/2023

So last Thursday morning the current hosting company sent an email saying they were shutting down all their own servers Sept 29, and would be offering AWS hosting going forward, thus it turned out my concerns were justified. My GoDaddy experience has been[.....]

Hosting Adventure | 8/9/2023

Just an update, I've had to pause the .Net Core dev for the moment while I deal with changing hosting. I've been with my current company for about 15 years, and until the last year or so, they've been great. However, when I wanted to update to a newer wind[.....]