• Supports blogging, along with categories and tags
  • Supports RSS feeds
  • Supports the use of both ASPX and MASTER pages for template bases (webforms)
  • Suppors the use of Razor views and layouts (MVC)
  • Support for importing Wordpress XML site exports 
  • Built with industry-standard technologies such as jQuery, TinyMCE, C#, ASP.NET 3.5 (webforms), ASP.NET 4.5 (MVC), ASP.NET Core (MVC), and MS SQL Server
  • Rich HTML content editing capability
  • Rapid EASY integration of custom code via UserControls (webforms) or partial views (MVC) and configuration files
  • Optional interfaces provide integration with your widgets so they can be contextually aware
  • Intuitive drag/drop real-time inclusion of custom components
  • Interactive editor: make changes with previews before you publish a revision to a page
  • Product documentation, code samples, and source code
  • Complete appearance customization with creation of new templates
  • Templates follow standard HTML/CSS design paradigms: samples provide examples on how to convert your favorite HTML layout
  • Works in medium trust - a must if you have shared hosting (applies to the webforms edition only, see this regarding the MVC edition)
  • Content and widget retain version history
  • Content version histories support rollback and history deletion
  • Supports multiple sites in the same webroot: map domain names to site identities
  • SEO friendly URLs - no more querystrings to indicate a different page
  • Supports setting meta tags for description and keyword per page and per site
  • Small footprint, takes up less than 10MB on disk (20MB for MVC5 version)
  • Modest footprint for the ASP.Net Core edition, about 90MB
  • FREE Open Source!!!!!





CarrotCake CMS is a powerful Content Management System (CMS) built on top of ASP.NET. Its inclusive feature helps you develop rich, attractive and secure websites at no time. Simply put, CarrotCake CMS is a rapid site builder.

From an end-user's perspective, CarrotCake CMS is a dynamic workplace that provides users a conducive environment to add and manage content easily and efficiently. CarrotCake CMS has an interface that is consistent, and functionalities that work across multiple pages.

On using CarrotCake CMS for your web development, you can, not only gain benefits of a CMS that is easy to use, but also an ability to create your own custom applications. Similarly, you can use applications and modules developed by other users. CarrotCake CMS's plug and play modular architecture enables you to plug a desired module into your system and acquire the required feature instantly.

Additionally, with the extensive use of jQuery, and the drag-drop widget feature, CarrotCake CMS will keep you so captivated that you'll love to play with your site, for hours - unaware. CarrotCake CMS 2.0 is sure to give your site the added dynamics over its competitors. Seriously!