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Running the ASP.NET 3.5 version on Server 2012 (or later) | 12/6/2015

As older servers are replaced, you may find yourself having difficulty getting the webforms edition to host properly with an ASP.NET 3.5/2.0 App Pool. Not to worry, with a few minor changes to the web.config, you can use the application in a .NET 4.0 app p[.....]

Dealing with jQuery support (version 1.9 and later) | 7/10/2014

Problem: You built the code yourself using checkin code since July 2014. and some of your jQuery doesn't work quite right any more - you might be seeing script errors regarding "$.browser" (see ) Solution: Your jQuery p[.....]

Always build in release mode | 6/14/2014

Make sure that if you are building the solution from code you compile in Release Mode. The assemblies provided in the download file are built in Release mode, but if you are building the solution yourself, there is potential that you are building in Debug[.....]