new release

by samantha copeland on March 15, 2015

Documentation and assemblies can be found here.

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The main changes to call out:

  • update jquery ui to 1.11.4
  • update to jquery 1.11.2
  • updated tinymce to v3.5.11
  • added link image on comment page to allow direct launch of the related URL for the comment
  • minor update to reset messages so a few more cases of send errors are caught
  • added ability to indicate a credited author rather than having to use the actual last editor (allows for a proof reader to credit the original author or a specific user)
  • update of SQL scripts that create the database
  • added better tally reflection regarding whether or not items that are categorized or not are reflected within the public or not public items
  • added some auto formatting of category and tag slugs
  • added ability to escape spaces with file upload
  • added thumbnail capabilities to the file browser, limited to image mime types
  • added the migrate jquery script and added a boolean to indicate whether or not to use the migrate script

see the source code repository commit history at the below links: