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Dot Net Core 6 | 6/12/2023

So I'm taking a stab at porting the MVC version over to .Net Core 6. A lot of things are different, but a lot of other things are still the same. So far, I've got a basic routing solution for SEO friendly page/post URLs and have worked out how to render M[.....]

MVC skin colors are now live | 5/13/2023

Now introducing the skin colors for the admin dashboard and tools. Classic AmethystOrchid BlueIzis FrenchBlue Mauve MosaicBlue Plum QuetzalGreen Rust Sandstone SugarAlmond These are set via a config entry in the web.config Example entry is shown here. If t[.....]

Updates and Features | 5/1/2023

The MVC version now includes TinyMCE v5. Coming soon, admin dashboard skins. Draft images updated with final-ish versions 2023-05-13.

MVC version in progress! | 9/19/2015

So I've been doing razor + mvc5 for almost the last year, and that being the case, I'm starting the process of porting CarrotCakeCMS into MVC5. Here's the brainstorm I've had so far: Draft of MVC version can be found at[.....]

Farewell to Google Code | 4/4/2015

Due to Google retiring their code hosting (see Bidding farewell to Google Code ) the repository has been replicated to GitHub . In the meantime, the Google Code repository is still on-line. The code is still active on CodePlex and SourceForge .

New Google Community | 9/27/2014

Check out the new Google Community for CarrotCakeCMS