MVC skin colors are now live

by samantha copeland on May 13, 2023

Now introducing the skin colors for the admin dashboard and tools.

  • Classic  
  • AmethystOrchid  
  • BlueIzis  
  • FrenchBlue  
  • Mauve  
  • MosaicBlue  
  • Plum  
  • QuetzalGreen  
  • Rust  
  • Sandstone  
  • SugarAlmond  

These are set via a config entry in the web.config

Example entry is shown here. If the config is opened within Visual Studio, and C3WebConfigSchema.xsd is part of the project, these should provide intellisense auto completion.

<CarrotCakeCMS.Web xmlns="urn:schema-carrotcakecms-com:mvc-config">
		<Config SiteID="3BD253EA-AC65-4EB6-A4E7-BB097C2255A0" SiteSkin="Classic" />

The Default template will also use the color code to pretty-fy the otherwise plain template. The original greyscale template is also present for alternate usage.

Shown here are Classic (the original CarrotCake color), FrenchBlue , and Mauve