Hosting Fun - the drama continues

by samantha copeland on August 22, 2023

Recap: August 10, I get an email saying the legacy hosting platform was ending at the end of September. I replied immediately per the request. I got a preliminary "we can make the ports work" reply about my concerns about mail on AWS - but no actual quote. I ask for a quote, 4 days go by, I ask for an update I get a "let me check on that" reply.

The next afternoon, I check in, no reply, I ask again the next day, and again the day after that, finally I get a "let me check on that" on the 16th. It's the 18th before they quote me $210 for the AWS replacement to my current hosting (specs match the current AWS Lighsail $70 package: 8GB/2C/160GB). I am currently paying $95/mo for a 4GB/4C/40GB Virtuozzo container. I ask them to clarify if this quote is a monthly or quarterly price due to the baseline I have. It's another several days before I get a response.

Finally, on the 22nd, they state this is a monthly price! Now, I could totally see a 30% markup with it having their managed/semi-managed expertise, but not a 300% markup. GoDaddy offers a month to month self manged windows VPS with 8GB/4C/200GB for ~ $70, AWS with 8GB/2C/160G - $70, AccuWeb with 8GB/2C/160G ~$112 - and free SmarterTools, Hostwinds with 8GB/4C/150GB for ~ $92 - FULLY MANAGED. So you can imagine my shock!

So after about 15 years, I must now strike out on my own. I'm really disappointed, if my spidey-sense had not been tingling about a month ago, I would have lost two very valuable weeks of planning a migration to a new hosting company!

Note: 9/2:

Old hosting company has walked back their six week systems retirement, they are now going to limp along for another six+ months, until at least June 2024, as their plans had proved too aggressive.