new release

by samantha copeland on July 10, 2013

Documentation and assemblies can be found here.

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The main changes to call out:

  • added support to widgets so that they can be turned on/off on a particular date/time
  • added support for copying a widget and its widget settings
  • the admin menu has had some actions moved around: user profile, change password, logout are located under the username menu, and the module menu is now under the extensions menu
  • created a control to show the parent page's siblings (for use in deep sites)
  • added a simple listing that shows the content edit history as a simple log view for week ending as of a specified date
  • added concept of content snippet - manage content centrally rather than hard coding in a template
  • addition of being able to perform text pre-processing on key content areas
  • added ability for admins to easily view sites and who has what permissions/mappings

Due to the changes in this release, please review the SQL scripts in the download archive as there are database changes to support the features. If your installation has a SQL dbo permission (or greater) connection account, the application should auto update the database. Be sure to log out of the system prior to uploading changes, upon attempting to log back in, you should be directed to the database update tool.

Changes in the most recent source code:

  • added logic to the canonical link renderer to show / for the homepage and the actual file name for other pages
  • added support to show date for the updates list as well as formatting of the date
  • modified the child/sibling logic to not look for parent when x.ShowInSiteNav == true).Count() > 0 rather than just .Count() > 0
  • set so that the edit notifier drop down maxes out @ a moderate px width
  • created a control to show the parent page's siblings (for use in deep sites)
  • added highlighting to go against a given page's breadcrumb path as a secondary flag so that deep pages will still get flagged tabs so you know what top level area you are in
  • added test so that invalid tags/categories/authors do not throw errors when attempting to grab the title caption
  • added ability to view the content history to the admin UI in order to get quick snapshots of current activity and who is updating content
  • cleaned up some of the widget abstract base classes, made sure both webcontrol and usercontrol were equally represented
  • added css to separate the menu links in the admin module index
  • removed a number of previously obsoleted properties
  • fixed issue for when editing in advanced mode, the previous editor was getting credit for the edit
  • minor refactors of the gallery widgets, reorg of some code, use of some of the new base classes as needed
  • minor update and refactor of the old calendar and the FAQ widgets
  • put in meaningful defaults for cases when the retire/golive for widgets is left blank
  • set it so that the admin modules could be missing the header groups and modules screen won't break
  • changed the logic to determine if the modules menu should appear to use the count rather than the root level config file's existence
  • added the common query string parsers to the parm parser in the interfaces bundle as it is a basic routine that can be used generically
  • refactored some of the common routines for parsing input parms into a central location for easier consumption/reuse
  • added some indexes to key FK fields in core tables
  • added concept of getting a category or editor data per site based on the constructed URL
  • added ability to access the widget time and history from the admin back end area
  • consolidated adv editor popup for adding child or top page into single control that uses the drill down control to pick any parent or none depending on top or not
  • moved css to drive the drill down control into the common css file from main as popups need it now
  • adjusted some logic for assigning the sort position for new pages
  • added support to widgets so that they can be turned on/off on a particular date/time
  • added sql for database updates as well as expose GUI for editing the date/time
  • update code to use new logic for timezone changes and what affects the blog URL paths when the TZ is changed
  • updated and centralized some logic that detects special path logic
  • added support to copy widgets from another page into the current page's selected placeholder.
  • refactor use of NavHelper in httphandler
  • fixes for when CarrotGridView DataSource is null
  • added ability to keep adding more child or more top level pages rather than having to continue closing and relaunching the add top/child page UI
  • added support for copying a widget and its widget settings
  • added support for attributes to specify a multi-line plain text or a rich html textbox (engage TinyMCE) instead of limiting to a single line textbox data type
  • fix for when the user's session did not totally clear authentication ticket
  • added better testing for authorized editors, streamlined some of the IsAuth code for readability
  • added SiteID to site list and site URL to site detail screen
  • added ability to assign an index and apply a template on the template assignment page even if no prior template was assigned
  • created a server control (ImageSizer) to present the image resize handler (carrotwarethumb.axd) and updated gallery code to use the control where possible

see the source code repository commit history at the below links