new release

by samantha copeland on May 12, 2013

Documentation and assemblies can be found here.

 Changes in this version:

  • created basic preformat source code insertion support for generating pre tag areas for use with SyntaxHighlighter js library
  • added support so that meta robots could be recycled if found as a meta header
  • added override to the validators to make text boxes have background that matches the error state
  • made the user profile boxes be side by side instead of one on top of another
  • added link on the about page to go to the carrotware website
  • revision to file browser image preview code
  • added reversion icon for inactive preview
  • added basic file mapper functionality for admin controls so that local to the control images or CSS can be resolved.
  • added some simple improvements to the photo gallery: general thumbnail with preview of mouseover for list, actual thumbnail for items in selected list
  • update so that the ajax trackback firing only does so if the user has not triggered the ok to leave state
  • added auto fire of validation on several key forms so that it is clear from initial load that some fields have validation constraints
  • added an "add page" and "add post" menu item to their respective menus
  • updated verbiage from not valid/unique to not valid/not unique
  • changed to a 15 sec cache for unauthenticated users
  • tweaks to password reset functionality - add required validator to the email field
  • added required field validation to logon form
  • added jquery info box styling to changed password text
  • tweak to some of the validation processes and basic layout of the site info page
  • major tweaks to validation error alerts - conversions to using alert boxes when page is likely to scroll
  • centralize the code that is used when leaving the back end editor
  • updated some menu images to use css class instead of border=0
  • tweak some alert boxes to use smaller box
  • made some menus headings wider to eliminate wrapping
  • further expansion of the popup conversion for error messages
  • refinement of validation routine for blocking duplicate blog post file names
  • added ability to find meta keyword and description already in header and use that version and inject only when not already present.
  • first stab at adding jquery UI alerts on validation - help avoid missing errors validating by performing a popup alert
  • added username lookup logic to the native content import
  • additional tweaks to logic for new WP record imports
  • read out author ids and create new user accounts if not matches
  • minor refactor to extract some common things for reuse
  • css touchup of history list
  • added handling of image URI that has an http or other protocol locator prefix
  • clean up of some add+edit page layout

see the source code repository commit history at the below links