new release

by samantha copeland on March 18, 2013

Documentation and assemblies can be found here.

Changes in this version:

  • added common routine for parsing checkboxes attribute values to the general utilities class
  • moved querystring parsing logic into general utilities library
  • updated create scripts as they were incomplete
  • minor improvements to site import routines
  • minor cosmetic updates to account creation and logon
  • added EnsureChildControls() to render methods
  • added support so that widgets can support multiple menu options
  • added ability to main content areas to edit either html or plain text
  • refactor to move the general utilities into the cms controls zone
  • went for a non postback mode of turning on/off the date based filter
  • attempt at improving the designer behavior of the CarrotGridPaged control
  • refactor to use new bind methodologies
  • updated to use SQL min/max date in sql date queries
  • tweaks of the widget adder - seperated out some of the wrapping logic
  • refactor to include some new querystring parsing routines for common operations (guid ID from querystring, both std names and by providing paramters)
  • added default sorting to the status change search results
  • refactored out some direct DB access for user and site mgmt
  • cleaned out some width and valign table/td elements, replaced with with style widths

see the source code repository commit history at the below links