new release - now with blogging support!!!

by samantha copeland on March 13, 2013

Documentation and assemblies can be found here.

New release with basic blogging support.

First binary release including all blog based features, wordpress import support, as well as refactoring and improving existing server controls.

Highlights of changes from 4.2 in this initial 4.3 release:
  • added ability to hide pages from the site navigation and track the creating user
  • extracted filebrowser css into its own file
  • updated sitemap to include the show/hide from nav and added support to the adv editor
  • tweaked sibling, child, and breadcrumb logic
  • added sitemap access to the advanced toolbar
  • added thumbnail to adv edit popup, made a smaller/scalable filebrowser, tweaked appearance/css of filebrowser
  • changed to use a general purpose serialized clean up
  • made sure the page's parent is preserved when publishing from adv editor
  • added thumbnail editing to the blog adv edit
  • refactored the contentpage to have db contexts within each method rather than a global class-wide one
  • added auto popuplate of filename and other navigational elements when adding/editing a page
  • added intelligent preselect of templates to adding new content - auto select when adding content based on highest usage template of the content type in play (page or post)
  • did away with arbitrary sorting of the paged data - always use golive on datasummary
  • put in better detection of nullity - is there an index page for the default/plain template
  • took out private data context and did seperate ones in each method for SiteData, got postcalendar working as a designer rendered control and added some designer behavior to get rid of some of the control errors when using visual studio to view the templates
  • added a cannonoical link control, added a general purpose designer to display some of the more less obvious controls with their info
  • put in some more discriminating logic in the webservice error responses
  • made some of the controls more consistent with each other and added a type filter to the most recent control
  • put in some accomidations so that widgets and/or bodies in user controls can be used consistently/interchangably
  • refactor to combine several nav concepts into a single common concept by common naming elements and implementing interfaces
  • added some better support for the visual studio experience for the carrotgridview, added some overrides to the searchbox so non-server controls can be used, added some additional styling items to the metawordlist
  • added basic sitemap handler, added a better more descriptive title to the module listing so it is easier to tell what module you are in from the title bar
  • added some fixes to the widget parser to make sure doubled up tildes (~~) do not appear in control paths.
  • added better default handling of when the UTC date is not present in the wordpress backup archive, using "wp:postdate" if "wp:postdate_gmt" bombs
  • fixed issue when adding a new tag or category using the UI - better nullity detection
  • added trackback support, both sending and recieving with sitewide options to turn on or off both
  • added more functionalty/filtration for exporting a site - date range, data type, or simply extract everything
  • added ability to do a select/unselect all on the bulk template (drill down version)
  • centralized some of the controls that are loaded server side into the filename class
  • changed a number of object creator methods previously "internal static TypeX" to just be "internal TypeX" so that they are more obviously the primary way to convert from the LINQ object to the buisness entity
  • ability to import wordpress attachments along with the content being imported, with the option to attempt to download the files to a designated local website folder
  • added some basic support to allow templates to be run directly for design purposes
  • added basic page/post thumbnail support for both listings (like the blog index) and as part of a stand alone page
  • enabled ability for certian server controls to find the containing page and get the content page or site data property and use that to set a control's value
  • updated templates and template helper controls to use server controls to make it easier to drop in site info without having to resort to the placeholder trick to use <%= %> to access the server side objects
  • updates to some stock templates for demonstration purposes, addition of better date go live data - use/store as UTC, backport of dates, allow for timezone of site to be set to allow for date/time to match location of userbase rather than the server farm.
  • added some sprocs for some of the agregation and bulk data updates as LINQ just doesn't scale well for the type of updates needing to be done. added some more smarts into the db update detector
  • laid in base to support images as part of a page index, creation of a server control to auto draw not yet present
  • added pagable content comment templatable control, created control to present different pieces of a comment, added plumbing to support specifying which category to show with the paged data summary control, refinined some of the datapaging routines
  • includes new tables and views for blogging support, includes site data import export, wordpress post import, various server controls to facilitate contact forms, paged blog indicies, rss feeds, sample templates, database scripts etc

see the source code repository commit history at the below links