Dealing with jQuery support (version 1.9 and later)

by samantha copeland on July 10, 2014

You built the code yourself using checkin code since July 2014. and some of your jQuery doesn't work quite right any more - you might be seeing script errors regarding "$.browser" (see )

Your jQuery plugin probably needs to be updated to be compatible with jQuery 1.9+ or use the migrate libraries or use an earlier version of jQuery .

Add or edit the included jquerybasic tag to your template <carrot:jquerybasic runat="server" ID="jquerybasic1" UseJqueryMigrate="true" />  Setting UseJqueryMigrate="true" will include a current version of the jquery migration library.

You could also specify an earlier version of jQuery such as version 1.7
<carrot:jquerybasic runat="server" ID="jquerybasic1" JQVersion="1.7" />

Note: remove other includes of the jQuery library you may have made (include only one copy of jQuery and jQuery UI on the page).?