project updates

by samantha copeland on July 8, 2013

I made a few feature additions to #CarrotCakeCMS over the last week or so, I haven't released an official build with these changes, but feel free to get latest and try out on your own.

  • added logic to the canonical link renderer to show / for the homepage and the actual file name for other pages
  • event calendar: added ability to set recurring interval for weekly/monthly/yearly events
  • added override start/end time for individual event occurrences
  • added support to show date for the updates list as well as formatting of the date
  • modified the child/sibling logic to not look for parent when x.ShowInSiteNav == true).Count() > 0 rather than just .Count() > 0
  • set so that the edit notifier drop down maxes out @ a moderate px width
  • event calendar: added day of week to admin list
  • event calendar: added filtering of category legend to only show those in use on the current month
  • event calendar: made sure there was consistent labeling of cancelled events
  • created a control to show the parent page's siblings (for use in deep sites)
  • added highlighting to go against a given page's breadcrumb path as a secondary flag so that deep pages will still get flagged tabs so you know what top level area you are in
  • converted to use buttons for the copy all/clear all gallery images
  • added test so that invalid tags/categories/authors do not throw errors when attempting to grab the title caption
  • added count of gallery contents and ability to either clear a gallery or copy all of the source list contents to the gallery

see the source code repository commit history at the below links