project updates

by samantha copeland on June 28, 2013

I made a few feature additions to #CarrotCakeCMS over the last week or so, I haven't released an official build with these changes, but feel free to get latest and try out on your own.

Main things to call out is that there is a more complex event calendar being included in the source code in addition to the already existing simple calendar. The new event calendar allows for recurring events and cancellations of individual occurrences of a given event series.

  • added ability to view the content history to the admin UI in order to get quick snapshots of current activity and who is updating content
  • cleaned up some of the widget abstract base classes, made sure both webcontrol and usercontrol were equally represented
  • added css to separate the menu links in the admin module index
  • removed a number of previously obsoleted properties
  • fixed issue for when editing in advanced mode, the previous editor was getting credit for the edit
  • minor refactors of the gallery widgets, reorg of some code, use of some of the new base classes as needed
  • minor update and refactor of the old calendar and the faq widgets
  • event calendar: tweaked month listing to block empty values
  • event calendar: tweaked edit text for calendar
  • event calendar: added clone/copy event and ability to delete a calendar entry
  • event calendar: added some additional logic to the date shifting logic to use the weeks moved to determine better move patterns when a weekly schedule is moved
  • event calendar: added an alternate data repeater variant and added a pair of month/year drop downs to go +/- 10 years
  • event calendar: edited some tool tip text and information presentation
  • event calendar: tweak of upcoming calendar
  • put in meaningful defaults for cases when the retire/golive for widgets is left blank
  • photo gallery: added a test for file grabbing so that if there is a 404 it will keep chugging, but other errors will throw
  • set it so that the adminmodules could be missing the header groups and modules screen won't break
  • changed the logic to determine if the modules menu should appear to use the count rather than the root level config file's existence
  • event calendar: added prelim view of the single events
  • event calendar: added color swatch to the edit event profile
  • added some basic support for repeating weekly on specified days
  • added support to remap a monthly or annual event to the right day of the month (use month delta) rather than solely relying on the day shift
  • event calendar: added color code drop downs to the category editor
  • event calendar: added ability to list the recurring profiles of the events
  • event calendar: modified behavior of public presented view
  • event calendar: updated logic to assert the last day or two of month in cases of monthly or annual events (leap day)
  • added the common query string parsers to the parm parser in the interfaces bundle as it is a basic routine that can be used generically
  • refactored some of the common routines for parsing input parms into a central location for easier consumption/reuse
  • added some indexes to key FK fields in core tables
  • added concept of getting a category or editor data per site based on the constructed URL
  • added ability to access the widget time and history from the admin back end area
  • consolidated adv editor popup for adding child or top page into single control that uses the drill down control to pick any parent or none depending on top or not
  • moved css to drive the drill down control into the common css file from main as popups need it now
  • adjusted some logic for assigning the sort position for new pages
  • added preliminary support to widgets so that they can be turned on/off on a particular date/time
  • added sql for database updates as well as expose GUI for editing the date/time

see the source code repository commit history at the below links