project updates

by samantha copeland on June 17, 2013

I made a few feature additions to #CarrotCakeCMS over the last several days, haven't released an official build with these changes, but feel free to get latest and try out on your own.

  • update code to use new logic for timezone changes and what affects the blog URL paths when the TZ is changed
  • updated and centralized some logic that detects special path logic
  • added support to copy widgets from another page into the current page's selected placeholder.
  • refactor use of NavHelper in httphandler
  • fixes for when CarrotGridView DataSource is null
  • first pass at wiring in a copy widget from another page (menu and css hooks)
  • added ability to keep adding more child or more top level pages rather than having to continue closing and relaunching the add top/child page UI
  • added support for copying a widget and its widget settings
  • added support for attributes to specify a multi-line plain text or a rich html textbox (engage TinyMCE) instead of limiting to a single line textbox data type
  • fix for when the user's session did not totally clear authentication ticket
  • added better testing for authorized editors, streamlined some of the IsAuth code for readability
  • added SiteID to site list and site URL to site detail screen
  • added ability to assign an index and apply a template on the template assignment page even if no prior template was assigned
  • created a server control (ImageSizer) to present the image resize handler (carrotwarethumb.axd) and updated gallery code to use the control where possible

see the source code repository commit history at the below links