project updates

by samantha copeland on June 13, 2013

I've made a few feature additions to #CarrotCakeCMS over the last several days, haven't released an official build with these changes, but feel free to get latest and try out on your own.

The main ones to call out:

  • the admin menu has had some actions moved around
  • ability to perform author based indexing and linking
  • added concept of content snippet - manage content centrally rather than hard coding in a template
  • addition of being able to perform text pre-processing on key content areas
  • added ability for admins to easily view sites and who has what permissions/mappings

Full Details:

  • moved around some menu items to make more sensible groupings
  • added bit flag icons to the site list, added listing of sites and ability to review users tied to sites
  • improvements to add/remove a user from a site mapping or role
  • added ability to view security in the context of what users are mapped to a particular site and add/remove users
  • added ability to set the index page when performing the site wide template assignment
  • refinement of database testing code, UI improvements for width of the add/edit views for content
  • update the view that generates the user URL to be a cross join to get all combinations of users and sites
  • created server control to render a link for the author data that will work in both bound lists (paged data) and as a single page.
  • added bio support for author/editor
  • added support for using an author URL to get indexes for when an editor is being retrieved
  • split user profile and user password screens and added bio data to profile popup
  • made a user profile drop down menu for password, profile, and logout, rather than 2 separate top level menus
  • added prompt for users to confirm that they want to log out
  • added heartbeat fields to table to support locks of content snippets
  • added locks for edits of snippets (same as main content)
  • increased ajax lock heartbeat (because serverside init)
  • added some exception flagging to when the database updater runs
  • tweaked page lock behavior and timings for resource locking
  • added lightbulbs as status indicators to the DB updater as well as a flag to show that an update was ran against the DB
  • added support for having a no results message on paged data
  • updated some widths within citrus island to make more of the space larger resolutions have
  • refactor to have both kinds of site import provide meaningful default templates for content
  • added support for importing content snippets via the import content UI
  • added the content snippets to the import and export feature
  • added a backup version test for the database updater
  • added retire concept to the content snippet, built server control to provide designer consumption, wired in support for being used as a widget
  • created data store for content snippet
  • created index, add/edit, and history UI for managing content snippets
  • added a snippet processor to the text widget support
  • implemented IE8 jquery DDL fix for preview template names being blank
  • added a Blank.htm file for IE 9 issues when loading in an iframe, additionally, re-orchestrate how the iframes are called to eliminate jQuery load problems
  • fix bad reference to ddlValue instead of chkValues
  • update to fix bad property id in fancy box gallery
  • placed guard for null/empty cached widget list
  • added ability to see and edit the two types of built in text widgets - ContentRichText & ContentPlainText

see the repository commit history at the below links