project updates

by samantha copeland on May 27, 2013

I made a few minor feature additions to #CarrotCakeCMS over the last several days, haven't released an official build with these changes, but feel free to get latest and try out on your own.

  • added ability to delete a blog category or blog tag
  • added support to create a previous/next link so that the search or other index page can perform previous/next navigation rather than forcing a full page count pager
  • add meta crawl block to some system messages
  • added format support for the paged data listing such as category/tag/date/month/search etc.
  • update to menu CSS for advanced edit to get some more consistent behavior between Chrome and other browsers
  • resolved some issues with the show posts for a given date if they were within the timezone offset of the end of a day
  • update the advanced editor css to address some bad behavior in Chrome
  • added ability to block site meta word entries if they have no related items
  • created dashboard screen with common actions presented
  • added file existance testing caching to the physical file test and site id to both cached file testing

see the source code repository commit history at the below links